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unrelated links

After the movie last night, I was talking to Ellen about how it's so difficult for me to reconcile the high percentage of Americans who believe things that are pretty clearly untrue (something like 70% believe that Saddam Hussein was personally involved in the September 11th terrorist attacks). In this week's comic, Tom Tomorrow presents a possible explanation for this: the republican matrix.


It must be a slow news cycle. Last night at dinner, John was asking about LiveJournal after hearing a story on NPR about "blogs" and today's New York Times featured this story, "Dating a Blogger, Reading All About It".


its really scary that 70% of americans believe hussein had anything to do with 9/11. i wonder what else they're thinking. but then again, they might be the very same people who voted for bush as well..and all those bloggers who get into trouble with their posts, don't they use a filtered/private entry so they don't compromise info or piss other people/friends/co-workers/families off? it seems kind of common sense..

america is weird.
I think that they're either stupid or secretly hoping to be caught. I'm not sure if many other weblog/online journal tools have all of the privacy and filtering features of livejournal. I don't think that blogger does, but I might be wrong.