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capsule reviews

Friday night:
Down With Love: lots of style making up for not a lot of substance. Due to overcrowding at the Cloud Room, we had post-movie drinks at Von's. None of us spun the giant happy hour wheel.
I met Ellen & Flash on the Burke-Gilman and we walked around at the U-district street fair. I think the main enjoyment of the street fair is all of the the random people and their animals (giant dog next to tiny pug! what more can you hope for?), since I can't imagine wanting to buy many of the goods being sold. There's also the fair food being sold, which is a definite enticement to attending.

At first, the crappy music overstimulated Flash, but soon she was the hit of the fair. People are really excited about dogs in general, and basset hounds in particular. Later, while having lunch at Shultzy's, Tim explained the competitive advantages of the basset hound to some other diners who were accompanied by a retriever.
After a return home to recover from the fair through napping and exercising, a large group met at Rachel's and went to Cyclops. A few brave souls (Jon, Charles & Elena) went to the Cinerama to stake out a place in line while the rest of us finished our food & drinks (/ avoided the cold weather). When we arrived, the line for the movie wrapped around the block, but thanks to the efforts of our advance forces, we were able to secure a row of pretty decent seats.

My one sentence review of The Matrix: Reloaded: a few interesting ideas about free will glued together with some massive entertaining action sequences and a lot of nonsense.

Good food items: Cyclops risotto filled with giant vegetables, frozen York Peppermint Patty Bites.


When I first saw your subject, I thought you were going to talk about the time capsule that is buried out there - maybe in Oregon? That no one can find. I read about it, it was funny.

You were way too nice to The Matrix: Reloaded.
The time capsule is supposed to be in Oregon.

You were a little harsh about the Matrix, but I guess that you didn't really like the first one, right?
Yes, you are right. I liked it the second time I watched it, for sure. I just . . . I'm just not really a sci-fi fan, and I think that's what it boils down to. Give me a deep story line and great, in-depth characters.
I think that there were some deep ideas in the Matrix, It's just that they weren't necessarily handled in a good way. The things about the machine-human codependence and the questions of free will and choice are pretty meaty philosophical issues. But the way that the movie is presented, long stretches of amazing but kind of midless action with characters who take themselves too seriously, can degrade the experience.

It's hard to think about the complicated ideas once your brain shuts down at the questions of whether humans are actually a worthwhile power source and why Neo fights when he can just fly away?

Some of the action sequences were pretty.
Probably my biggest annoyance was just that - why did Neo fight when he could just fly away? I didn't quite get it.
everyone who has seen it twice says that it's much "clearer" on the second viewing. I'm not sure about that. I'm certainly not in a hurry to re-view it.

It's funny - when I read this comment, I had just heard like 5 people say the same thing. I don't think I'd go see it again though. Way too boring.