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diagon alley in chicago

On June 20, a suburban Chicago shopping district will be transformed into Diagon Alley to celebrate the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

[ via boingboing ]


i bet that would be really exciting news if I knew anything about Harry Potter, or even what this Diagon Alley consists of.

it's more cute than exciting

It isn't too late to catch up!

Really. Four books, two movies, and countless articles. It's practically your civiv duty to become moderately familiar with Harry Potter, if only for the pop culture awareness angle.

Re: it's more cute than exciting

I should rent both of the movies this weekend.
mr. matrixnerdX12


yikes.. wrong post to reply to.. my bad.

that IS really cool

Oh my God that's totally awesome. I wish I lived in Chicago!

Re: that IS really cool

I wonder if this will induce people to plan Harry Potter trips to Chicago to celebrate the release?

Re: that IS really cool

Hm, I'm not sure. I think maybe ... but that would be weird, I think. To travel there simply for that.

Re: that IS really cool

if only we had known about it when we were planning the nc25 sequel trip!

Re: that IS really cool

Yes, that would have been a great trip!!! Are we still planning a nc25 sequel?

Re: that IS really cool

good question.

if not, we should re-commence. or just plan a trip for anyway and see if anyone else wants to join. when is your summer track-out?

Re: that IS really cool

nevermind. it was in your journal. late june - early july, right?

do you have another one in september again?

Re: that IS really cool

I am currently enjoying my summer track-out!! I have to work M-W this week, then I have no required school days until the first week of July.

I do have lots of plans though.

I thought we were trying to plan something for September 12-14?

Re: that IS really cool

I'm definitely in favor of the mid-September dates for our big fun time.