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Two classes today. In between, I sat outside in the sun and caught up on unread magazines and picked at a burrito. I got my midterm back and was relieved when I found out that the denominator for the score was 56 and not 100.

After classes, I FlexCar-ed some errands. I went to Target for a ten-minute thing and ended up wandering around for forty. It's so silly, but it just feels necessary to make use of the cart escalator. And there's always some mundane household thing I've been needing to purchase.

After Target, I decided that my cupboards (and refrigerator) had been empty long enough. With a couple exceptions, I bought mostly fresh things from Whole Foods and prepared things at Trader Joe's. Shopping at specialty grocery stores makes me feel like such a good consumer.

Ellen and I tried to catch a free screening of Down with Love, but the line was really long and a "really nice lady" cut the line off and didn't give us a replacement pass. The backup plan was to see The Shape of Things. Even though I had a feeling that it was going to be kind of bad and depressing, I still wanted to see it. I probably read too many reviews, but it seemed predictable instead of shocking and felt too much like a filmed play.

Maybe I'm too cynical. I kept trying to figure out the surprise horrible plot twist to top the obvious one, but it never happened.


Today, this woman who specializes in Gifted Differentiation in Education came to talk to us at school. She equated the war in Iraq with fractions. For example, the numerator (Saddam) was bigger than the denominator (the Iraqis) therefore creating an unstable fraction. So we went in and got rid of the numerator, but now we have become a too large numerator, larger than the denominator, and this is still no good. We have to work so that the numerator is smaller than the denomiator.

I don't really understand what that means, or why she would use the Iraq situation to explain fractions.

Actually, I don't think that I've ever heard of an "unstable fraction". At least not in the sense of a numerator being larger than a denominator. Dividing by zero is a different situation.