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Today has been perhaps one of my laziest in recent memory. I tried doing some work, but my brain is simply not functional. I think that I need to start sacrificing clever for practical on this project.

Oh - while I was typing this I just saw the error that was causing the last couple hours of confusion. How stupid of me to forget the !=2. That's a little relief.

Tonight I'm going to see Beulah, John Vanderslice, and the Long Winters. This should be pretty decent.


ooh i like john vanderslice..beulah's good too...i haven't heard the long winters...tell me about it.


Going in with few expectations, I really liked The Long Winters. A couple of mp3s from their soon-to-be-released album (the worst you can do is harm) are available on the Barsuk website.

In addition to mp3 coolness, you can enter to win free tickets to Death Cab / Aveo / Dismemberment Plan.