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all biostat all the time

I ended up skipping my first class today to do my homework for Correlated Data. I finished it just as it was time to go to the lecture. The lecture was a review for the mid-term, which was followed by a TA review for the midterm. So it was a full day of biostatistics.

Tonight's social activity was going to the Alibi Room for dinner. I'd hoped to recruit people to see a movie (still waiting on X2--maybe post-midterm?), but we were a little behind schedule. Anyway, I always enjoy the Alibi Room--a gimlet, miso soup, and giant salad with grilled asparagus and other goodness--so it was good low-key Tuesday.

Now that it's ten, I can watch 24 on tape.


the audio was out of sync for a good portion of tonight's 24 episode.