josh (joshc) wrote,

viva el cinco de mayo!

Instead of doing my biostat homework, I went to Ellen, Tim, and Al's Cinco De Mayo fiesta. When I arrived, the kitchen was filled with smoke from nachos (which turned out fine). Soon, the hosts began to change into Mexican costumes. Soon, Cori arrived wearing an amazing shirt with her entourage. Luckily, I was wearing a T-shirt that was made in Mexico.

Over the course of the evening, Al fried too many taco shells, Flash tried to eat a piece of chocolate from a bowl of tonic water, listening to Tim & Al's old bands, other fun, and watching El Mariachi. Due to academic commitments, I wasn't able to stay for the rest of the movie.

Now that I'm home, it seems like a better plan to do homework in the morning.

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