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weekend update

last night: sushi at elena & charles's house. After dinner, I tried to play video games.
I was more successful [less pathetic?] at "Godzilla Kill All Monsters" than Halo. I just kept killing myself in Halo. That's probably what would happen to be if I was actually in the military.
today: I was supposed to see X2, but those plans fell through. Instead, I watched Far From Heaven, which is practically the same movie. Anyway, it was good, but in a very referential way. The characters were intentionally kind of fake, so I guess that made it O.K..

While running errands later in the afternoon, I picked up the new Voyager One and found bran van 3000's Glee in the used bin for under six dollars. I worked on homework and continued to drag my way through Midnight's Children over a latte before going to the library to try to make last week's "Dance Dance Revolution" video streamable. I only half succeeded, since it works, but only shows the opening credits. Oh well, I think the world can wait.

At home, I watched the Alias season finale while waiting for the evening of laundry mishaps to come to an end.

Yeah. The weather has been incredibly weird.


Alias = Holy Shit!
I know! Now we need to wait a whole summer to find out what happened! Or what happens!
I can't believe I'm admitting/asking this, but what happened?
on Alias?

Lots of things: Will was framed to make it seem like he was a double agent, the bad guys tried to intercept his transfer to the DOJ, but he escaped. Sydney's mom helped to un-frame him, and he later figured-out that Francie was a clone. Then she stabbed him and got into a big fight with Sydney. Sydney shot her a few times and passed out. In the last five minutes she woke up in some Asian country. When Vaughn came to meet her, he was wearing a wedding band and told her that they thought she was dead since she'd been missing for two years.

There were some other parts involving the Rambaldi artifacts, Jack getting captured by Sloane, and Syndey's mom being tricky, jumping off a building, etc.


If you really want to see it, I could try to download the mpegs for you.