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weekend update

last night: sushi at elena & charles's house. After dinner, I tried to play video games.
I was more successful [less pathetic?] at "Godzilla Kill All Monsters" than Halo. I just kept killing myself in Halo. That's probably what would happen to be if I was actually in the military.
today: I was supposed to see X2, but those plans fell through. Instead, I watched Far From Heaven, which is practically the same movie. Anyway, it was good, but in a very referential way. The characters were intentionally kind of fake, so I guess that made it O.K..

While running errands later in the afternoon, I picked up the new Voyager One and found bran van 3000's Glee in the used bin for under six dollars. I worked on homework and continued to drag my way through Midnight's Children over a latte before going to the library to try to make last week's "Dance Dance Revolution" video streamable. I only half succeeded, since it works, but only shows the opening credits. Oh well, I think the world can wait.

At home, I watched the Alias season finale while waiting for the evening of laundry mishaps to come to an end.

Yeah. The weather has been incredibly weird.

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