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i scream, you scream ...

Classes for most of the day today. I really like the hour and a half break in the middle of the day. It's like sanctioned free reading time or something.

Before our softball scrimmage, we tried to partake in Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's, but the line was too long so we settled for shakes at Johnny Rocket's.

After winning our scrimmage,we had dinner in u-village at Mom's, where they didn't give us our "graduate student appreciation week" discount.

On the way back to the car, Rachel & I discovered that Free Scoops had been extended until 10; so we called for reinforcements and waited even though none of us were particularly hungry. It was a nice evening and it's hard to turn away a free Dulce Delicious cone.


Free ice cream day was today? I could have sworn that was in early April or even March, since I was in D.C. then last year? So confused.
Free Cone Day was on Tuesday at Ben & Jerry's.

Baskin Robbins had a similar promotion on Wednesday.


Maybe it was free for another reason when you were in DC?
I'm probably just confused about when I was in DC.
perhaps you should consult your travel records?
I ALSO had a free cone from Ben and Jerry's on Tuesday in Raleigh. I ALSO had Dulce Delicious. It reminded me of Robyn's sundae when she almost killed us while eating it and driving.

But, really I didn't have a cone b/c the ice cream was falling off of the cones and so they wouldn't give them out anymore - only cups.

Thanks to the southern heat/humidity.

But it was still good! We stopped on our way to The Flying Saucer.