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networking is fun!

I'm not really sure what I think about this, but I signed up yesterday. Here's the tempting invitation:

Josh Bis has invited you to join Josh's personal and private
community at Friendster, where you and Josh can network with each
other's friends.

Friendster is an online community that connects people through networks
of friends for dating or making new friends.

Friendster is for people who are single, people in relationships, and
anyone who wants to make new friends or help their friends meet new people.

You can use Friendster to:

* Meet new people to date, through your friends and their friends
* Make new friends
* Help your friends meet new people

Once you join Friendster, you will be automatically connected to your
friend Josh, and all of Josh's friends.

Click below to join Friendster:

Maybe I should've protected this post to make my network seem more exclusive?


Friendster is an interesting idea.. but it could've been redesigned and restructured to be more realistic. It would nice to be able to have visible friends groups... i.e.
- People I went to school with
- People I've ran into at shows
- Family members
- Internet freaks

I haven't logged into the site in awhile though.. so maybe they've changed it some.
I see what you mean. I haven't really looked at it very much outside of setting up a basic profile. With only two friends, the network seems impractically large. I can see how it would be fun.

Sometime, when I have time to kill I will try to do a more thorough evaluation.
friendster is the work of the devil but its so fun seeing who is connected to who and who wrote what on each others testimonials.

its still distressing to read: add (insert name here) as a friend only if you are really friends with him/her.

that is really a scary dialog.
Maybe it's because Friendster is aiming to be a dating service?
I can just imagine a couple getting married...

"How did you meet each other?"
"On www.friendster.com"
".....Wow, you guys are geeks!"
Sure paints a romantic picture..
hahahaha with the 346164726358723 people who are already on there, i can imagine it will happen sooner or later!
they'd probably find someone to conduct the ceremony using their collective networks.


i only signed up last night, at the behest of the (only) other friend i have on there.

'interesting' is the word that keeps coming to mind, but i only run into strangers on it right now. it's still not engrossing enough for me to email invites to my friends.
yeah. it seems like a big pyramid scheme: it will only get interesting when you get other people to sign-up. and then they'll go out of beta and who knows what will happen!