josh (joshc) wrote,

mentioning the weather

I went to the office today, did some homework, had some meetings, and fell behind schedule. Instead of going to GPSS late, I just went home to get my softball things and biked over to the muddy IMA fields.

Yes. We had a practice in (and out of) the rain. Because we are hardcore like that. Oh, nevermind. It's because we (and by we, I mean I) need practice. Not that I mind. It's not such a bad thing to play around in the mud every once in a while.

At home, after riding my bike through the mud, I cooked dinner. By cooked, I mean "combined several prepackaged foods" soba noodles, vegetables, tofu, etc. I tried to listen to TAL while I was cooking, but the speakers on my laptop were not powerful enough. I think that one of the stories was about a storefront a block away from where I lived in Washington D.C., which would be more interesting if I could remember what was there.

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