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I went to the office this morning to try to work. I think we've maxed out the capacity of the student office with all computers in use and at least three people with laptops. It's really kind of funny.

I started putting together a dataset and realized that I'll really need to dig out some notes from survival analysis. I'm going to look at hypertension, treatment, and guidelines, etc. So, it's a good excuse to try to remember some forgotten stuff from last year.

On the way home, I picked up a copy of The Believer for me, along with some high quality coloring books--Harry Potter Sticker Fun and Fairies & Flowers--for Amber.

Ellen picked me up, and after running some errands we went to the hospital, where I tried to convince Amber to name the kids after colors and we watched "Mr. Personality", one of the most freakish reality shows I've ever seen. If you haven't heard about this yet, Monica Lewinsky hosts as a formerly (?) superficial woman pretends to be a princess who will chose a man based on his personality (since all of the suitors wear really creepy rubber masks). The show is bizarre on so many levels, I dare you not to watch at least once.

I don't know when I'll get around to actually reading The Believer: I still have homework for tomorrow, a stack of unread magazines, a huge chunk of Midnight's Children, etc. etc. It really looks great in terms of both content and design; and I couldn't resist it's charms.


number 17 is taking it all the way.

you're not the only one that had nothing better to do during the 9 o clock hour. I thought the astrologist was an antique roadshow appraisal person for a short bit.. I sort of was doing chores during the show.

it's over

If number 17 DOES win, their "true love" most certainly ended last night when she saw the behind-the-scenes interviews with him and saw how he is so manipulative with weird pop psychology techniques. (Whispering "#17" over and over again sounds more like megalomania than romance, but perhaps that's just me).

If I hadn't learned this life lesson before, a reminder: Don't date motivational speakers.


I had so far successfully resisted all of reality tv (excepting a few episodes here and there of american idol), but in a weak moment last night I stayed tuned in for Mr. Personality. Ugh. I think I even told someone they had a moral obligation to shoot me if I ever watched that show. My days may be numbered.

Re: it's over

I only vaguely knew that the show existed until last night, and probably wouldn't have thought to watch it. However, the whole thing was so surreal I don't mind having seen an episode. How can these people expect to get a normal relationship out of this process. All of their memories will be filled with memories of freakish masks! And Monica Lewisnky gazing on, taking notes, and conducting the whole process! It is just so wonderfully strange.

I really enjoy the message of the show. By sing personality as an indicator, she's removed the more attractive candidates. Also: she's not allowed to be shallow--by not knowing what they look like--but we, the audience, are expected to be.

But you're right. The real message is that motivational speakers are creepy.

Re: number 17 is taking it all the way.

I was visiting someone in the hospital. Watching the show was almost mandatory!
omg that Mr. Personality show looks SO horrific. the masks are so creepy and what if someone had a latex allergy attack?
I bet that was a criteria for being on the show. I guess men with latex allergies have little hope of finding true love on network television.