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sunday excitement

The lazy weekend continued, even more than yesterday. Leftovers for breakfast and zoning out to political shows all morning.

I went to work on my homework at Solstice and Rachel stopped by to pick up notes from Correlated Data. I tried to explain my jottings, but I don't think that they were particularly meaningful. It might have helped if I'd paid closer attention to the lectures.

Between going over notes and catching up, I didn't really accomplish much. I guess that's the point of Monday.


I'm sort of craving Peeps. If only there was a magical way to make marshmallows without gelatin. (or for me to magically not find gelatin intensely disgusting.)


gelatin is bad news!
made from cow hooves

(yay for freestyle slant-rhyming)
nice. it should be used in a public service announcement.


I knew I should have gone into advertising...
i saw kosher gelatin-free marshmallows once at a qfc in the jewish aisle but i haven't seen it since. they were weird looking marshmallows though, in a little package in semi-hard blocks!
fear those, they taste like deflatd ass.

fear the kosher

hahaha they looked like it too!
yeah. I think that if I'm desperate, marshmallow fluff is a better option.