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So far, a low-impact Saturday.

I slept in, cooked breakfast, read, listened to an old episode of This American Life, and watched The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys.

Ranting about the movie:
Is it a rite of passage for the Culkin boys to play characters killed in senseless animal attacks? Up until the ridiculous ending, the movie was OK, kind of overreaching maybe, but mostly nice enough with good moments.

I just assumed that the kids would never follow through on their stupid plan to release a cougar in school. Was the "When Animals Attack" ending meant to discourage kids from pulling pranks? And the cartoon ending, was that meant to be hopeful? My best friend was eaten by a wild animal--don't worry, he'll live on through my crappy "skeleton boy" comic!!

Yeah. As usual, Stephanie Zacharek's reveiw is just about perfect.

Later, dinner party at Kate's.
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