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sports night

In softball news, the South Pacific Heat lost its second game tonight. This week, we lost to the Savory Sluggers. We can take consolation in our improved fielding. And we had dinner at Delfino's after the game.

Later, A Mighty Wind and Moon Temple "VIP Room" with Ellen & co. The movie was very funny and the Chinese food was the best of 2001. Whatever that means.


APB wanted to see A Mighty Wind today but we saw Bend it like Beckham instead. It was great. Colin Powell was at the same movie theater!

Hmmm. I don't know about Bend It Like Beckham. It looks very feel-good multi-genre fusion with a guaranteed happy ending.

Maybe a rental option, especially since it's unlikely that I'll see it with the Secretary of State. The best you can hope for in Seattle is Bill Gates.


Jennifer and Aaron loved it. I thought it was bad acting, but a cute "feel good" movie like you said. Good for rental.

Why did you buy coloring books for your friend?

Re: yeah

She's in the hospital on bedrest until she gives birth to twins. Coloring seemed like a decent way to pass time if you're sick of tv, puzzles, magazines, etc.

Re: yeah

Oh, that's right. I remember reading that. You're such a good friend. Seems like coloring books would be good. Or if it were you - hand-held Tetris might do the trick.

Re: yeah

I was thinking that I should lend her my gameboy since I accidentally beat her hand-held yahtzee high score ...
I now have a "co."?
maybe it's a generalization of convenience? easier than typing: Kailin, Steve, Jon, Chris, Travis, Amy, Keith, & Emi (not to mention the forty-nine-year-old birthday boy in overalls, the dart shark with white jeans, and the very helpful waiter for the VIP room)