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in my dreams i'm dying all the time

The Knowing Light exhibit was really great. You should go. Especially if you like rectangles, the color blue, or other shapes.

You go into a room, take off your shoes, climb the stairs, and step into the light. Inside, the boundaries are unclear and people become silhouettes. It's a classic religious experience without the drawbacks of religion or death. I want to go back when it isn't so busy to can sit in the blue room and ruin my eyes.

Also on exhibit: a whale skeleton made from plastic chairs!


I don't know about your dream reference. But last night, I had a dream that a man was being controlled by a rat. And he was plotting to take over the world, or kill me, or some scary thing like that.
dream reference?
You said, as your title "In my dreams I'm dying all the time" but then you never wrote specifically about your dreams.
oh yeah. i forgot about that.

it's from a moby song (porcelain?) that the DJ was playing at the art exhibit.