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p.g.o.a.t. / drosophila

After breaking away from the immense gravitational pull of VH1's "I Love the 80's", I managed to go out and pick up groceries this afternoon. Continuing the fun-filled day of productivity, I did some laundry.

Later, I went to see Laurel Canyon with Carole. It's sort of a weird fit for this season of ultra-crappy movies (post-awards, pre-blockbusters). Though the story was sort-of predictable, but I liked it: pretty people acting well in interesting settings made the movie worthwhile.


Tina Fey on the Casablanca remake: "This will be great for people who liked the original but wished it was terrible"


I'm glad to know I'm not the only one gets sucked in by I Love The 80's. I've seen them all at least once, and yet I still watch each time an episode comes on! Congrats on being able to break free - I had a hard time with that Saturday.
It took a while. I was only able to break away when it got to a year I'd already watched.

That show is good on multiple levels: all of the nostalgia, the high quality people making fun of it, and the forgotten celebs with nothing else to do but show up to critique their own moments in the spotlight. What other work would Soleil Moon Frye, Kim Fields, etc. have without these shows?

I can watch the same year over and over...you'd think they'd get boring but they don't

Michael Ian Black cracks me up in every single episode - who knew he was so funny? Or that Mary Lou Retton could annoy me so much? Oh wait, I did know that already.

And I love that they included some 80's commercials and PSAs - my favorite is the one where the kid learns to use drugs because of his dad. "From you alright? I learned it by watching you!"

I Love The 80's is one of the best shows ever created. Too bad there were only ten years/episodes...

Re: I can watch the same year over and over...you'd think they'd get boring but they don't

I think that Michael Ian Black used to be on "The State".

There are so many good things about that series. Yesterday we were talking about the gay He-Man subtext.

As much as I love the series, I don't think the world could've handled more than 10 years of the 80s.