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bike pants are hardly different from public nudity.

The stupid eternal alarm clock from elsewhere in my building continues. By today, I've gotten used to it and nearly oversleep, leaving little time to do my homework for my morning class. For all I know, the owner is dead.

Between classes, I went to the South Campus Center to read and nap. I finally feel like part of the club.

After classes, Carole and I went to Solstice and ended up hanging around for a long time, being entertained by the personals in the Stranger and by general people watching.

For dinner, I made macaroni & cheese while I watched the West Wing on my computer. It was healthful because I added peas and tomatoes.
reading second-round techfee proposals is probably in order.


At the beach this weekend, someone's house alarm kept going off. We're not sure exactly why, but they definitely weren't around to fix it. And it must not be the kind that comes w/service people who send the cops out, because it would go off forever, and then eventually reset. This morning it came on at 6 am or so. We think maybe the hurricane force winds had something to do with it - maybe water blew in and shorted it out or something. Not sure. But it was really annoying.
yeah. I really don't understand the theory behind alarms like that. I was reminded of this today when I heard a car alarm. It was doing its best to attract attention, all sorts of sounds, etc.

But, does anyone do anything when they hear a car alarm? Are we supposed to call the police? Try to intervene? Is the noise meant to chase away the thief?

It really seems silly.
Josh - you are totally right. No one does anything when the alarm goes off! It's totally crazy. Jeff and Beckie got an alarm, as I mentioned earlier, and I'm just like - uh - give me the specifics because I want to see if it really works and is worth it.

Car alarms are dumb. I think really they just scare the robber off.

right. but it it the sound that's meant to scare them off? or the possibility of police/bystander intervention?

maybe they just don't want to drive off in a noisy car. too annoying.
In my opinion, I think the sound is supposed to make people look, which would in turn cause the theif to run away and abandon the mission at hand.