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another what happened today post for the stalkers

Classes today. In the first one, the professor seems to be overly flustered by the hum of the overhead projector. Yet, the blackboards are too dirty for her to use them effectively. What she needs is a suck-up student to wash the boards for her. That would be perfect. Other than that, it's OK except that she runs out of time because she spends too much time discussing the homework.

In the second class, correlated data, there were a lot of equations. I will definitely need to re-read the notes.

Then, I remembered that I had a seminar. It was sort of like therapy for PhD students.


The Tuesday Night Social Activity for tonight was going to The George & Dragon Pub, "Seattle's Only Authentic English Pub", for quiz night. I arrived about forty minutes early to find the place packed with soccer fans. It was a pay-per-view game. It ended after a couple minutes, and we were able to secure a table. Even though we were pretty clueless about the questions, it was fun.

Being in Fremont, I needed to go to Sonic Boom to buy things. Such as the Wilco documentary on DVD, and new releases from Cursive & autechre. I also went to the used bookstore and got a slightly overpriced copy of Midnight's Children.
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