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when lazy, make a list

items from today's agenda:
- [start] putting together shelves and file drawers from pre-fabricated laminate materials-
- practice playing softball [in the rain]
- put pictures from last night online [ x ]
- eat pizza [made by] Elena & Charles at their house
- move clocks [ahead] to daylight savings time

+ The idea of me being on a softball team is pretty funny
+ Many of the pictures were taken by other people, with my camera. I didn't really exercise any creative or quality control; so there are way too many and no captions. One of them does feature a mystery appendage.
+ Pizza is good.
+ Transplanting an hour is strange.


It looks like you got really, really drunk. Did you?

Did you go to Pinback?
Hmm. Not really. But wine is weird. I hate most of those pictures.
I didn't see Pinback.