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an advisory message:

Mini Cadbury Creme Eggs really don't hold a candle to the regular ones.


It's as if they aren't even the same food.
I haven't noticed any of the real ones -- the drugstore only had caramel, chocolate, and Snickers versions. I guess I'll need to look harder.

Is Easter still far away?


Really? I've seen the regular ones all over around here. Those other kinds are crap. Um, I'm pretty sure (but not positive) that Easter is two weeks from Sunday, so you've still got some time. I'd send you some if you can't find them, but they don't ship well. My mom used to send me some every year, which was odd because I could get them here, but anyway, they exploded every year while in transit. Well, explode is a bit of an exaggeration. I guess they just sort of caved in. Regardless, they weren't that appetizing. Good luck in your searches!
I knew I was forgetting something when I went to Target on Friday. Oh well, I'll just check elsewhere. I'm sure it's me: I don't think there's a shortage in the northwest or anything.

You're right, they should be around for a while, and on sale after Easter. I'll need to stock up!