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umm. today.

Having two classes in the middle of the day is sort of strange. Working before or after seems kind of pointless. Oh well. I'm sure I'll come up with a reasonable schedule.

After classes, I had a haircut. My usual person was sick, so I went elsewhere and learned that a cat can be allergic to its own teeth. In this case, the best course of treatment is to remove all of the cat's teeth. Amazingly, the cat can still eat dry cat food.

Later, a bunch of people from our department went to Northlake Pizza with prospective students. It was pretty fun, and a surprising number of current students were there.

I've almost completely stopped watching news of the war and have been catching up on old episodes of This American Life instead.


I've almost completely stopped watching news of the war and have been catching up on old episodes of This American Life instead.

what time/days is that show on? on channel 9?
It's usually distributed through NPR with new episodes on the weekend. Most of the past shows are archived on the website, http://thislife.org
Ok, so I'm really curious about this cat thing...how does a cat who is allergic to it's own teeth act? I just can't wrap my mind around it. How can anything be allergic to it's own teeth?!?!? I wonder if cats can be allergic to other teeth, but not their own? That would also be an interesting phenomena.

I don't know why this interests me so much.
Everything I know about feline dental autoimmune disorders I learned from the semi-random haircut woman.

She said that her cat had lots of sores/ulcers? in his mouth and was really sad because of it. Immediately after having its teeth removed it was understandably confused and drugged out. Once it had healed, he was a very happy cat, able to fully yawn.

(actually, it happened in two waves: first most of the teeth, a remission, more sickness, then the rest)

I don't understand how it eats dry cat food without teeth. Do regular cats use their teeth to eat cat food? Maybe not ... if their teeth are all optimized for cutting meat.
Yeah, I didn't figure you were an expert on the subject or something, just wondered what else she told you!

That is all very weird. I swear my cats use their teeth to eat hard food. Otherwise I don't know how else they'd be chewing it, and there's definitely some sort of chewing or breaking into smaller pieces in some way. So I feel like they must be using their teeth. Oh, and also I just thought of this! There are cat treats my vet has me give to my cats to help clean their teeth or something, and they're basically like slightly bigger pieces of dry food. "Pounce Tartar Control Cat Treats are carefully formulated to provide a great tasting treat with a special crunchy texture that scrapes away tartar build-up for healthy teeth. " So clearly cats use their teeth to chew the food. How very bizarre.

Did this woman just start telling you about her cat's teeth out of the blue?
Okay - I'm with Rhiannon. I may not be a cat person but for the past 2 years I've lived with them (and we'll just forget the earlier part of my life when I lived with them for today) and they FOR SURE crunch their cat food quite loudly.

And yeah, how did she tell you about this weird thing?

Also - Theresa thinks Clay Aiken looks like you!
She started talking about her cat after another woman left and mentioned that she was going home to her own cat (there was even a mention of a cat leash). The dental problem seemed like a major life event for her.