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learning. mysteries. etc.

At work today, I completed a mandatory HIPPA training. It was a series of modules on the web. Basically, I learned that you shouldn't give out people's private healthcare information, shouldn't leave password lists taped on your computer, and should have a backup plan in case your servers catch fire. Also: if someone is trying to get a celebrity's medical records by dressing up in a lab coat you can probably tell that he's not a real doctor because he won't have a badge and will say STAT! too often.
meeting, meeting, errands
Went with Ellen to see Gerry at the Crest. I think I liked the movie, but I'm pretty sure that I didn't "get" it. I'm not really sure that there was anything to "get". I kept wondering what happened to Casey Affleck's hoodie.
I have homework, but I think I will do it in the morning.


Is that the movie where Matt Damon and Casey Affleck walk across a desert for the whole movie, or something like that? I sort of wanted to see it when I heard about it, but it will NEVER come to a theater here.
Yeah. That's the one. Actually that's the entire plot: there are probably only a couple pages of dialog. It was really good to see it on a large screen since so much of it was visual, which was mainly the reason that we decided to see it before it went to DVD.

Roger Ebert's review is interesting.
Ok, that's what I thought. Yeah, I think the reason I even heard about it was because I had read Ebert's review of it and thought it sounded interesting.

Sometimes I think that it would be totally worth it to get a new job, sell my house and move to a big city, for the sole reason that then I could see all the movies I'd like to at an actual theater. Lansing really sucks, but I guess everyone already knows that.
maybe you should open your own movie theater in Lansing?
Dude. That's sort of a really excellent idea. I wonder if I could actually make something like that work? Get all the movies that the big theaters won't show. Maybe do cult classics like Rocky Horror every once in awhile. I would be more optimistic if I knew why The Odeon closed here when it did. I feel like there should be enough people in this area who are interested in non-mainstream films to make something like that work, though. If only I knew anything about buying/managing a theater!
I'd half-forgotten about the Odeon. I'm sort of surprised that there aren't indie film groups on campus that would bring interesting movies there. I seem to remember movies being shown in Wells, but maybe that was for a film festival?
Yeah, they do show movies in Wells Hall from time to time - sometimes film festivals, but sometimes just previews of movies or whatever. I've gone occasionally, but it's sort of awful watching a movie in B108. The seats are uncomfortable, the sound isn't that great and the movies don't always show up that well on the screen. Although, I haven't been in a couple years, so maybe the experience is better now. I'll have to check out the next EL Film Fest I guess.
What's a hoodie?

Also: did you hear about the study findings out of Helena, Montana? About how making every public place in Helena smoke free is correlated to reducing heart attacks 60%. I thought it was something you might be interested in.
a hooded sweatshirt.

I didn't hear about it, but it sounds like an interesting study. I think that there was talk about implementing a similar law in Washington (or Seattle?), but I haven't heard much more about it. Part of me thinks that it would be pretty great, but clubs wouldn't be the same without all of the smoke. What silly nostalgia from a nonsmoker!
Okay, that is insane. We love going to the Saucer but it drives us crazy b/c of the smoke!! It would be lovely if we could go out and party and not have to smell that shit.
yeah. it would just feel different.

but ultimately better.


i guess i've become accustomed to being an occasional second-hand smoker.
I can't believe you didn't know what a hoodie is...even my mom knows what a hoodie is! ;-)
What do you mean "even my mom knows what a hoodie is"? Well, who cares? Why would I know? I've never in my life heard of anyone referring to a hooded sweatshirt as a hoodie. Sorry.

It must be a northern thing.


You should be sorry!!! I was just teasing, so give me a break woman! :-p

Us crazy northerners with our hoodies and pop and basketball hoops! ;-)
How long has this term - the "hoodie" - been around?


I don't know, a long time I think. I know for sure that some friends and I called them that in college. Emilie and I were "the hoodie girls" to our friends cuz we wore our hooded sweatshirts everywhere sophomore year.
v. strange
it must be a northern thing

OK, Miss Southern Belle, Jenna. I guess you've been fully assimilated.
I can't tell if you're being mean or sarcastic.
sorry. I was just trying to be funny.

you're taking this whole hoodie thing very seriously?


I'm not so sure why though. I talked to some friends, the one who knew the term said it was created in the hip hop culture and that usually mostly younger people use the term.

I'm totally up for the terns usage, in my life and the life of others, it was just strange that Rhiannon thought I was crazy for not knowing what it was.