josh (joshc) wrote,

learning. mysteries. etc.

At work today, I completed a mandatory HIPPA training. It was a series of modules on the web. Basically, I learned that you shouldn't give out people's private healthcare information, shouldn't leave password lists taped on your computer, and should have a backup plan in case your servers catch fire. Also: if someone is trying to get a celebrity's medical records by dressing up in a lab coat you can probably tell that he's not a real doctor because he won't have a badge and will say STAT! too often.
meeting, meeting, errands
Went with Ellen to see Gerry at the Crest. I think I liked the movie, but I'm pretty sure that I didn't "get" it. I'm not really sure that there was anything to "get". I kept wondering what happened to Casey Affleck's hoodie.
I have homework, but I think I will do it in the morning.
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