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in my dreams I'm dying all the time

So, in my dream last night there was an episode in which I [but not me] was trying to dial 911, but it kept connecting to a product information hotline. The problem was that I couldn't remember whether it was necessary to dial a number to get an outside line before dialing 911.

Anyway. I don't really think that I can test this without alerting the authorities.

The "funny" part of the dream was that I was calling because someone was having a panic attack, and then the not being able to get through was making me panic.


Josh - did you know that you can find out your "local" 911 number? Like, the actual 7 digit number? Apparently Jeff and Beckie have learned theirs now that they have a security system. The man that installed it told them it will be faster for them to get their closest ambulance or whatever.

Anyway, your freaky dream reminded me of that randomness.
Interesting. Someone else mentioned this to me the other day. And I think my 911 dream is infectious.

I wonder how this works. It seems like 911 would always be the best, what if the local number was busy? or if their resources were heavily taxed? I'm sure they have a plan for all of it.
The way Jeff described it to me is that the 911 will dispatch your call to the local 911, so if you call the local 911, you'll be "connected" to the "people who help" that much faster.

In my mind, it would take me the 15 seconds to find and/or remember the local #, so I'll probably stick to the 911 and let them handle the rest.