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yesterday I wrote something about the war being boring. I think that what I really meant was that the coverage had become overwhelming: news as entertainment informed by hundreds of soda straw views of a giant thing that I don't really agree with. Not to mention twenty-four hour coverage regardless of new information.

I mean, bringing freedome to the oppressed is an excellent goal. But I doubt that's really what's going on, and even if it is, we aren't particularly good at doing that. At least the oil wells are secured to prevent an environmental disaster. And now it seems that we're killing more of our own people than "they" are.

So. I think I'm going to see The Pianist now, before Rachel's Oscar party.


reality tv

It's all way too influenced by reality tv. I tend to watch CBC and BBC's coverage of the news because NWCN just has uneducated folks calling in and complaining for/against the war, ABC and NBC have their Ted Koppel/Peter Jennings cronies out there, MSNBC/FoxNews are all shock breaking news, and CNN puts me to sleep.

Actually the best way to get updated news is to eliminate surfing any news sites or turning on the tv and just making this page your primary link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/2877131.stm

Re: reality tv

I've mostly only been watching CNN and PBS (because I don't get CBC or BBC). It's reassuring that other people are put to sleep by CNN, I thought I might be coming down with some rare sleeping sickness.
Didn't you think that The Pianist was awesome? Go Adrien Brody - I am so glad he won.

Don't you think it's pretty amazing, during a full-on war, that we've lost more people to accidents than actual fighting?

Did you see Michael Moore get booed?
Yes. I thought it was really good. His performance was great, and the movie didn't really tell you what to think.

I guess that's what happened in Operation Desert Storm too -- more friendly fire casualties than enemy fire.

I did see Michael Moore getting booed. He's really such a terrible messenger. I remember when I went to see him with Nick, Nate, & Nate. Even when I agree with him, I find him really annoying. Which is sort of why I didn't see his documentary.
I agree totally. Michael Moore is awesome, but sometimes he sounds so stupid when he speaks. Perhaps it's why I like his books/movies better - more editing.
As i've said elsewhere, I think MTV has the best coverage of any stations.
I keep hoping they'll re-run the Gideon Yago's diary (or true life or whatever) about the Middle East. Instead, whenever I turn to MTV it's competitive dating.