January 16th, 2018


hello comrades

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 3.51.37 PM

Huh. This is a weird welcome back to my annual visit of the old Livejournal friendship page. It reminds me of how, at the time, I thought it was weird and funny when the Russians bought it from whoever bought it from brad, but only stopped to think about how creepy and nefarious it was when I listened to episode #100 of Reply-All this summer.

I just recall the vague explanation of "it's popular there" and shrugging because who cared who owned our dumb emo diaries anyway since we were all in the process of documenting our lunches on brand-new Twitter or posting gratuitious Wednesday photos of ourselves on Tumblr. But even knowing how nefarious the acquisition was, the shrug continues and I still don't understand how to look at more than a handful of entries on the Friends feed.