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consumer culture

I slept sort of a lot this morning, in between watching CNN and talking on the phone. When it seemed pretty clear that the war was boring and the weather was nice, I remembered that Stephen Malkamus was doing a free in-store at the new Sonic Boom. The store was completely packed, and the show was short and kind of goofy, but good. Especially for the low low price of free, which is much less than the $13 to see them at Graceland tonight.

I bought some CDs, walked to Broadway and picked up some ReadyMade magazines and, after missing the bus a few times, came back home. Soon, I'm going to have dinner at an undisclosed Italian restaurant that is rumored to be decorated in the style of a bordello.


how's that erland oye album? the whole "each track was made in a different city" seems like such a desperate gimmick for a guy so at/near his musical apogee.
honestly, I'm a terrible music critic. I've listened to it once without paying a lot of attention to the details and it seems farily standard to above average. For being done in ten cities with ten collaborators, the whole album fits together nicely.