November 7th, 2011

the only earth?

october 2011, listed

Hermosa Beach Pier

I think I was out of Seattle more than I was in it during October and when I was here I was either touristing my parents or sleeping off the cold that my canadian cold caught on a flight to Los Angeles. All Tomorrow's Parties (I'll Be Your Mirror) was an excessively pleasant non-crowded music festival for grown ups that made me want to go to the resorty english one even more; I had a couple extra days in New York for the 99% and amazing upscale mexican dinner with friends; I took my parents to the magical island of deer; spent a week in Canada grateful that I ditched the conference hotels for a similarly priced but excessively more pleasant boutique in the Old City; saw some good shows (including a Ryan Adams laugh riot) at an in-city music festival; and ended the month at a conference in LA where I got to hang out with my cousin, experience warm weather, standstill highway traffic, race through a museum of lies, and see Kings of Convenience (omg); and completely skipped Halloween.

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