October 4th, 2009

the only earth?

weekend coughing


A fairly quiet week. I mostly stayed at home, giving in to allergies/cold/whatever and trying to re-finish Infinite Jest (getting stalled at the long Gately section toward the end, again) with occasional breaks for Pho or Thai or apple/caramel/cinnamon crepes at Joe Bar. On Friday, there was a magazine party for a cell phone music service featuring a free drink and music from Throw Me the Statue (I love most their newish album, Creaturesque so much) and U.S.E. (who are pretty much the happiest party band of all time). The event was in the back room of the Spitfire, which used to be the showroom of Sit n Spin. I don't know why it took me this long to notice that all of that space was essentially "missing" from the shiny television-covered sports bar that replaced it, but it was kind of neat to be seeing a show in that place again. We eventually met up with a pack of other pals at the Bus Stop, which was fun and had the added bonus of being close enough to Taco Gringos to merit a late night snack on the way home.

The next day, after sleeping off the cough syrup that seemed like a great idea, I paid a visit to Fremont to visit my friend's new kittens and take some pictures of them. When the photoshoot was over, we tried a new pizza place called Delancey and went to see Whip It. It was cute (if you think Ellen Page is cute, just wait until she's in eyeliner and skates) and had the side benefit of helping me to vaguely understand the scoring system of roller derby. It also made me want to go to Austin.

And then today, of course we went to brunch and killed time at Red Light where Halloween is already in full effect. If someone doesn't buy me one of those expensive wolf suits from Opening Ceremony maybe I'll have to look for some new animal ears. Or maybe a sailor hat and a Pemulis costume in honor of Infinite Summer. After the vintage browsing, we went to see Fame. It was not as terrible as I thought it might be, but would have been better if I believed the characters in it were incredibly talented. The documentary about the Chorus Line revival, Every Little Step, for instance, was much more convincing in this respect. And real!

Also, now that it is fall, I am inclined to have as many caramel apples as possible. Maybe a trip to an orchard is in order?