August 7th, 2009


how you will never leave the library

Remember ages ago when the Crocodile Cafe closed and we heard about how Jim Anderson donated all of those live recordings from decades of shows to the University of Washington? Here's the preliminary list of performances in the archive. [uw] We already knew this, but it turns out that the recordings are the property of the University of Washington, but the intellectual content of those recordings is not. [uwmediacenter]; so they'll only be accessible via two in-person listening stations.

Searching through the near-encyclopedic list of the thousands of hours of footage induces feelings of joy and dread at the prospect of being able to re-listen to some of my favorite shows I saw at the Crocodile (they’re all there, mostly — old Carissa’s Wierd, Horses before they were Band of … , secret Death Cab for Cutie, the Decemberists before they were epic pirates, Aveo , the Unicorns, Broken Social Scene, it goes on and on ...) at the expense of listening while being strapped to a pair of headphones under fluorescent lights.