August 5th, 2008

the only earth?

signs and symptoms

The only thing about the "hipsters represent the end of western civilization" article [adbusters] I can think to say is that Adbusters was one of the last magazines I expected to be launching screeds against people for wearing generally brand-free or recycled clothing, riding bicycles to parties, drinking almost entirely unpromoted beer, and doing lo-fi creative stuff for the sake of doing it.

olympic fever

The NYT's interactive map of the medal counts at the summer games over time is fascinating (if you like that sort of thing):

It looks like the host advantage diminishes substantially over time (presumably with easier intercontinental transit), with Sydney and Athens looking the most democratic. The US wins a fairly consistent number over time, but its interesting to see the years that either the US or Soviet Union boycotted for the redistribution of medals. Also, Cuba looks surprisingly like a powerhouse.

(via information aesthetics)