June 11th, 2008

the only earth?

rush tickets, loud music

Instead of those cannibal soccer players and Brecht in the park documentaries I spent three hours with a movie about couscous. When the introducer told us the running time I panicked. Eventually, there was about an hour and a half where I kind of succumbed to its slow pace and loose structure, the sprawling fractured immigrant family's conversations, aspirations, and meals. But then it got long and frustrating and all I wanted was for it to be over so that I could go find a bowl of couscous of my own. Finally it became more frustrating and I still didn't have any couscous.

Later, we went to Neumo's and it was strangely empty, which maybe made me like the show even more. For a change, I didn't take any pictures or even bring a camera. I'd seen Annuals before, but I noticed a bunch of funny things like how the singer guy sings fake words, wags his tongue, and makes hilarious faces when he isn't singing. For some reason, I imagine this band living in a village of twig houses in the woods when they aren't on tour. Or maybe even when they are on the road.

Times New Viking were the loudest band I've heard in a while. Or rather, it was a different kind of loud. I couldn't really understand the source of it. The small, previously dispersed crowd, gathered close to the stage and twitched accordingly. After something like a half hour the band was finished, ready to party, and my eardrums were ringing happily.