March 9th, 2008


saving daylight


I rode the little roller coaster at Seattle Center for the first time today. It was scary, not because of the dips and turns but because the threat of hitting a rusty support or skidding from the rusty rails to the concrete below seemed very real. We were there because my cousin was visiting from Los Angeles and we'd overstayed our lunch at Chinoise on the upper part of Queen Anne hill and needed something to do before he was due at the airport.

Though it was frightening and weirdly abandoned in that way the the Fun Forest is always weirdly abandoned yet crawling with at least a few tourists, I'm glad that we went since the theme park is soon to be evicted. I think that I'll miss the desolate carnival in the heart of Seattle. I can only hope that whatever comes next includes a large ferris wheel. It does wonders for the skyline.


On Saturday night, the Adventure School turned Mathew's really nice apartment into a stunning cherry blossom dinner party. Ellen made a surprise visit and we gathered around a T shaped table and ate delicious food and sipped wonderful plum wine with seltzer water while My Neighbor Totoro played in the background and a tanooki statue held court between vases.

Later, my cousin and his friend dropped by and we went to Linda's and had drinks until they turned on the lights and the clocks jumped forward.