December 16th, 2007

the only earth?

"honest to blog"

two movies this weekend: Juno and Margot and the Wedding. After suffering ten-thousand papercuts at the hands of Noah Baumbach, I sort of wish I'd seen them in the opposite order.
the only earth?

anyone want to buy a rock club?

oh no. it seems very likely that the Crocodile went out of business today. [mb]

There are plenty of nice clubs in town, but the Crocodile is the only one that has a real place in my heart. Of all the great shows I saw there, my favorite is probably the Valentine's Day show with Carissa's Wierd, the Prom, and the Decemberists. All of the bands dressed up and the encore had a lot of them back on stage covering "Complicated" with guest vocals from Ben Gibbard.

I want someone to start a co-op so that we can all buy it. I have a little bit of disposable income.