September 5th, 2007

the only earth?


flatstock purchase : carissa's weird

Every year, one of my favorite parts of Bumbershoot is Flatstock. I nearly died of happiness when I saw this Carissa's Weird poster from their CD release show in 2001 at Graceland. The whole festival was great, but I think that was one of the first few shows I ever saw in Seattle, and finding this artifact from it for only $20 would have been enough to make this year's Bumbershoot worthwhile.

I also found a nice Sufjan Stevens poster and one for the Arcade Fire's show at the Paramount last year. And no, I don't really have room for any of these.
the only earth?

last night

samantha's birthday extravaganza

Last night was Samantha's [lftkb] belated birthday party, which started at Linda's and involved drinking, dancing, a large knife, and hipster afficianados from Havana unsuccessfully trying to convince us to visit their penthouse apartment with 180-degree views of the Space Needle. Still exhausted from the long Labor Day weekend, I went home before closing time and after last call during the second Cha Cha stage of the evening.