August 20th, 2007

i am not a stuffed tiger.

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some things I like right now:
  1. the Bourne Ultimatum. My new semi-regular summer Monday habit when nothing else is going on and I don't feel like going home right after the gym is to go downtown and watch an action-type movie at a multiplex. This one was a astonishingly well-made sustained chase scene, interrupted only occasionally by brief snippets of plot and dialogue. Those two parts were the weak links and they were fine. The rest was spectacular.

  2. American Apparel duffel bag, medium (red). A perfect size, functional, and feels good to carry.

  3. the Stage Names. I've listened to Okkervil River's new album at least eight times in the past two days. The first and last few songs lend themselves to repeat playing.

  4. Esquire profile of Andrew Bujalski. (via fimoculous [#]), this look at the "mumblecore" filmmaker is one of the better things I've read by Chuck Klosterman in a really long time:
    For reasons that remain elusive, certain directors can shoot unfamous people talking about themselves and make it feel like they are explaining the contemporary experience of being alive. These directors are able to produce a very rare thing: They are able to make documentaries that are works of fiction. [esquire]
    Of further interest, Bujalski is scheduled to direct an adaptation of Bejamin Kunkel's Indecision.
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    Okkervil River -- "John Allyn Smith Sails"