June 7th, 2007

the only earth?

hilariously, my german is 10x worse than my nonesistent french

Hello again. Now I am in Berlin. The night train was really interesting -- six little bunks per room. In mine, a father and his two small children and another unaffiliated guy (possibly, he was chatty with the kids, but I just assumed that's because he likes the children of strangers). I escaped from my top bed for a while to drink in the dining car and read Tender is the Night (among the many Penguin Classics sold for only 2 Euro-dollars!) while the train sped past dark scenery. This, resulted in my being locked out of the little sleeping room and having to wake up the roommates to let me in.

I'm staying at Circus, which turns out to be much better than I could have hoped. Or rather, it looked great on the website and they had a single room with a private bathroom for under 50 Euro-dollars, which I reserved weeks ago, fearing the whole way here that there was some sort of miscommunication. Alas, it's incredibly cute, the staff are helpful, and my room is nearly perfect -- clean, modern, ikeastylish, etc..

I am spending some quality time in-chambers right now because I walked around the city a little bit this morning, had some pan-asian lunch, and went to the Pergamonmuseum to look at a whole lot of old archeological items because TimeOut insisted that was the appropriate course of action for one's first day in the city. When I began to worry that the museum simply didn't have enough air conditioning or places to sit while listening to the audioguide it seemed like taking a break was a better idea than plodding through the rest of my guidebook's demands.

Maybe I'll acquiesce to their agenda later this evening, and/or will find a stupid American movie to watch. Modest Mouse are in town, but their concert is sold out and I already have plans to see them in a couple of days in Amsterdam anyway.
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