April 19th, 2007

the only earth?


I've been at home at night all week. Initial gestures at joining a real person gym have been made, though the geographic convenience is at the expense of assigned lockers and towel services. Vaguely cooking dinner, watching television (Jack Bauer & co. seems to be getting awfully close to the shark tank, Tyra Banks brought a live kangaroo into the models' loft, who knows what to think about Lost?), reading (finished What is the What after months, the DFW story in the New Yorker, which was only three pages and probably would have been fine to read on the web so long ago), and going to sleep early.

Thanks to the internet called Kottke, I watched the Arcade Fire's "takeaway show" [blogotheque], in which they perform "Neon Bible" in a freight elevator and "Wake Up" in the middle of a crowded auditorium. It's neat seeing them backstage, getting ready to perform, and Richard Perry tearing up a magazine as part of the rhythm section (he always seems to be the happiest one in the band, doesn't he?). I'm getting pretty excited about seeing them next [!!] week.

That website also has a street performance by the Shins [#] playing on the streets of Paris, which, even though my lack of planing leaves me crippled with anxiety, gets me pretty excited about going there next month, too.
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