April 16th, 2007

the only earth?

the chills

I am feeling a little sunburned after an afternoon on the back patio at Linda's yesterday afternoon. I realize that it's either nonexistent or unnoticeable, given that my skin is now only a half-shade more colorful than its usual ghostly pallor. Nevertheless.

After brunch, we find ourselves standing out on the sidewalk enjoying the sun and unable to come up with any other place to enjoy bask in its warmth in the company of an adult beverage. Overcoming the natural reluctance to re-enter a place that we had just exited after hours of taco and mimosa consumption, we secured seats at the tall rustic table outside and ordered what turned out to be a bottomless pitcher.

Oh, but the sun was so warm and welcome that it was nearly impossible to leave! lather, rinse, repeat. Several hours later, we are walking up Broadway in search of food and I'm feeling chilled. A little de Luxe macaroni and cheese later, and it's time for an ill-conceived nap which leaves me unable to sleep during regularly scheduled sleeping hours.

I wake up, work on writing some blurbs for a music festival program and re-set the alarm to give me ample time to finish condensing eight bands into dadaist prose.

Other highlights/lowlights reel: [+++] Coachella tickets and Moo cards in the mailbox. [+/-] Finishing my very simple taxes and owing some money to the government. [+] Friday night at the Crocodile to see the Twilight Sad. [-] Failed attempt to get tiny doughnuts at Tavolata. [+] Pinball & hotdogs at Shorty's.