March 29th, 2007

i am not a stuffed tiger.

"actor's studio is one of the greatest artistic catastrophies of the twentieth century"

Finally got around to listening to Slavoj Zizek and Sophie Fiennes on Radio Open Source in which they discuss the Pervert's Guide to Cinema, among other topics:
Freedom is something which should be achieved through great discipline. I believe that freedom is not something that you just let it go: when you let it go you are usually a slave to your instincts.

For freedom, you have to fight. ... I think that in a way freedom means your annihilation. Freedom means you let go: free and autonomous artistic universe. Which is why I think that the phenomena that you are talking about -- all this overlapping of amateur cinema with professionalism -- I think that all these are signs of how a new space is opening up, but it did not yet find its proper artistic form. We need Raymond Chandler ... rediscovered the poetic potential of L.A. We still need someone to really do it. [opensource]

Nuggets of interestingness are scattered throughout, but Christopher Lydon's unpolished interview style combined with Zizek's own stop-start-change directions mid-thought speaking style make it challenging listening.