March 23rd, 2007

the only earth?

freelance lifecoaching

mount eerie
I think we have a new theme for happy hour. Or a theme revisited. It is called spicy. Tonight, it came in the form of pepper-infused vodka [flickr] as a base for the most wonderfully painful dirty martini ever passed around to share the delightful agony. And then, reborn in a bloody mary cocktail [flickr], it again set mouths aflame, often stealthily with its kick returning to the back of the throat a half-minute after drinking. The mildly painful exhilaration is akin to a goodnatured slapfight.

At Shorty's hot dog hour, there was a lot of complicated talk of alternate realities, complicated number theory, and textual games. But I saw Mount Eerie las night; so I kept repeating over and over "you win, you win." [mp3]

lazyweb : pomona courier service

Do you know someone who lives near Pomona and wants to go to the Glass House tomorrow to buy a three-day Coachella pass for me? The festival sold out really fast and they are releasing some tickets that had been promised to record labels. Please please please?

Alternately, do you happen to know someone with an extra three-day pass to sell to me?