January 8th, 2007

the only earth?

this week: out of order, per usual

A shortage of clean clothing combined with a cool afternoon led me to dig out an old thermal with the world "albertville" printed on it. Wearing it around on Saturday, I spend far too much time at a party alternating between concocting fake stories about my participation in the 1992 winter Olympics and explaining that the terrible lies were in fact not true. I suppose that anything's believable when the proper number of beverages have been consumed.

Earlier that night, I managed to type a few sentences with the assistance of some tea at Remedy. In between, dinner at the Elysian, where nine of us ended up crowded around a booth/table suited for maybe five. A big topic of conversation turned out to be "weird stories about cats", which left me feeling kind of o.k. about being allergic to them.

Overnight, the previously-mentioned drinks conspired with the nagging traces of this cold that refuses to pack up and leave and left me almost entirely useless for most of the day. Luckily, there were superhero movies on basic cable, takeout Indian food, and coffee to help me salvage a few hours here and there.


The other weekend activities worth mentioning include Friday's happy hour at the Zoo, mostly notable for no one getting their eye put out with darts. But also for the dramatic weather shift while I was inside. Between the time that I arrived and the time that Carolyn and I left to go to the McLeod Residence grand opening, light mist turned to psychotic wind and angry raindrops. Walking a couple blocks uphill in the rain was actually less challenging than the return trip. Despite the miserable climate, the gallery was packed with damp art appreciators.

I think it seemed more crowded than on New Year's Eve, possibly because people were spending more time slowly milling about and pausing to look at the art. Even though we showed up too late for cupcakes, it was a good time and I figured out the Paul Rucker installation (with patient explanation).

Following some thai food, the evening ended in an apartment on a hill populated primarily by students of scandinavian topics in an effort to wish Peter farewell before he departed for Denmark.