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whoa. how did it get to be 10 so quickly?

I have two midterms this week, a quiz, group project meeting, and homework tomorrow. On the plus side, no early class tomorrow and I'm getting a second burst of energy after going for a little run in the cool night air. So I'd better take advantage while it lasts.

There are some seriously crazy news items today: Tim Eyeman is a big thief and he's crying on Q13 news; Al-Quaeda planning assassination attempts against Bill Clinton.

The Daily Show's coverage of the Super Bowl insanity is spot-on. Thank god someone is poking fun of the weirdness that was U2 and Paul McCartney's halftime show.

Oh yeah, I was supposed to be doing something productive.


ok. the daily show is the best show EVER...it's funny, earlier i was typing this paper and it was 6:10, and the next time i checked it...9:42. what the hell, "time flies when you're having fun". not. did you hear that speech tim eyeman gave? oh goddd it was pathetic...


... nothing quite as entertaining as seeing a guy who has essentially robbed the state budget of much-needed funds cry while revealing that he also stole money from his biggest fans. Does he expect people to feel sorry for him? SO pathetic.


Tim Eyeman

Tim has done nothing but attempt to reduce the amount of taxes we pay, so he has put some money in his pocket along the way. How many politicians get money from large CO.? why de we pay for those that don't work or those that will not work for what they get in society.
How much government waist will you put up with? All the deficit we have, how can any person not see the history of waist in this country and not do something about it. One day people will see eyeman as those in the boston tea party did there supporters. If this contry was ran as a company would we still be open today?