December 14th, 2006

the only earth?


It's nearly apocalyptic outside. Rain and howling wind through the afternoon and no sign of natural light. That, coupled with a little headache and not enough sleep, persuaded me to stay home today thinking about how it might be nice to have an inflatable boat just in case the waters rose up the hill to wash away my apartment. As the lights began to flicker I realized that I don't own a flashlight and scrambled to find a promotional box of matches in case the power went out. I took comfort knowing that my sidekick and ultra-bright iPod would probably would have provided sufficient illumination in a pinch. (If it saved a lost hiker, it can help me find my toothbrush)

I'm happy to report that my part of town has not yet been struck by disaster. The rain even cleared when it was time to meet up with the metbloggers for drinks at the Green Room downtown. Traffic was ridiculous, the bus was late, and the driver made up the route as he went, but I stayed mostly dry walking and riding.

The wind is still hilarious. On the way home, it practically lifted me across the street at crosswalks.

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