December 7th, 2006


several paragraphs about things I've been doing

lenin, lit up

On Friday before happy hour, some of us congregated on the corner, poured Irish creme liqueur into our Peet's coffee beverage, and watched the ceremonial lighting of the Lenin statue. In typical Fremont fashion, there was a quirky presentation followed by minor technical difficulties. Only half of the lights came on, the star illuminated late, and the whole affair was behind schedule. I haven't been back to see if the rest of them started to work.

With the festivities complete, we relocated, beverages in hand, to Norm's and took up residence on the red couches in the back of the bar. The smell of frying green peppers was so severe when we walked in that I thought that I'd have to make a hasty evacuation, but we ended up staying for a strangely long amount of time, with a seemingly obscene girl scout song making an appearance before the night ended.
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