November 30th, 2006

the only earth?

ice wave / mp3athon

Even though it would have been perfectly easy to walk down the hill to my office, I decided to call it a snow day and work from home. This plan was sort of foiled when my apartment's centralized heating system didn't realize that it was twenty degrees outside. So I went to a nearby cafe to leech off of their better-controlled climate while making recreational use of abundant caffeine resources.

Later, I went downtown, where my hair care maintenance professional made a serious dent in my winter bang-development operations. Then, to the White Horse to meet Samantha and fortify myself with mead [!] before seeing Cat Power at the Showbox. The show was kind of looney and awkward, due to a lot of factors including elevator music, overly mixed sound, and food poisoning. Maybe stage fright, but I thought that that chapter was closed. In any case, I couldn't help thinking about Feist and how much I'd rather be at one of her shows, not feeling like some sort of jerk for contributing to someone's onstage agony.


For those who have been riveted by the case of the missing iPod, an update. Possibly on account of the "snow day" I noticed that I had a pint jar filled with dimes and it started to look an awful lot like a half a replacement iPod. I hauled it up to the neighborhood Coinstar and turned it into Amazon money (which avoids the counting fee that I find so repellent about the operation). A shiny new version is on its way later this week. Perhaps it will also be named Snowball II.

Now's your very exclusive opportunity to stock it up with music that you think that I should be listening to! Or -- even better -- that you think that I one time borrowed from you or the internet and never thought to back up (I think that I bought the first couple Sufjan Stevens discs on eMusic, borrowed recent Belle & Sebastian and things like early Explosions in the Sky, Autechre, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Modest Mouse ... you get the picture). Send a disc or two to [315 12th Ave E (98102)] and I'll send you an extra-special commemorative postcard.
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