November 22nd, 2006

the only earth?


Having a low-level cold is hazardous. Yesterday I stayed at home and slept for most of the afternoon. Today I went to the office and left my bag at the cafe across the street. It took me an hour to realize my oversight and now that part of the building is locked up and the security guard hadn't found anything. The people at Starbucks felt sorry for me and gave me a sympathy chai and cookie.

By some miracle, my wallet, phone, keys, and iBook weren't in it even though that's usually where they live. Still.


Other things since the last update, that have mostly been typed about elsewhere: the Album Leaf + Dirty on Purpose on Thursday. Boring Decemberists on Friday. A birthday party on Saturday, a tea party on Sunday, and demoralizing pub quiz on Monday.

Tonight, pre-Thanksgiving drinking and desserts.
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    Joanna Newsom - "Emily"