November 16th, 2006

i am not a stuffed tiger.

eggers introduces infinite jest

As if you need another two excuses to read Infinite Jest, the book is being re-released in $10 paperback form and Dave Eggers has written a moving and convincing introduction for the re-issue:

And yet the time spent in this book, in this world of language, is absolutely rewarded. When you exit these pages after that month of reading, you are a better person. It’s insane, but also hard to deny. Your brain is stronger because it’s been given a month-long workout, and more importantly, your heart is sturdier, for there has scarcely been written a more moving account of desperation, depression, addiction, generational stasis and yearning, or the obsession with human expectations, with artistic and athletic and intellectual possibility. The themes here are big, and the emotions (guarded as they are) are very real, and the cumulative effect of the book is, you could say, seismic [laweekly].
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