November 12th, 2006

the only earth?

a thrilling post about the weekend

It took most of the afternoon, occasionally looking out the window, but it eventually became obvious that I would have to face the rain if I wanted to accomplish my modest goal of picking up groceries. It was either that or staring down the precipitation with only long forgotten frozen potato and soy chorizo taquitos as my last remaining source of nutrition.

It turned out to be the good kind of precipitation anyway. The sort where you don't really get wet and can even forgo the hood on your waterproof rain jacket. Yet, despite a random stranger telling me that my hair looked flawless (that section of town is so odd. usually it's the elderly and the institutionalized) as I was wiping the rain from my face, the errand took a turn for the worse at the grocery store.

The main problem with postponing a trip to Trader Joe's is that they run out of things. Going to the refrigerated case and finding the hummus supplies depleted really throws me for a loop. I went for a different variety, but I remain skeptical. On top of the not altogether unexpected inventory shortages, the store has now set some fruits loose from their plastic packaging. Madness!


Last night we went to see Stranger Than Fiction, which was mostly entertaining. A little squishier and feelgoodier than I like my metafiction [?], but Spoon was all over the soundtrack and there were neat graphics throughout for balance.

We tried to have drinks at Liberty, but they were too busy to immediately provide us with a table. We went down the street to 22 Doors for scotch and shoestring potatoes. One person in our group drank a mysterious beverage that smelled like licorice and changed color when combined with water. Very Mr. Wizardy.

We also learned that much of the bar's woodwork was salvaged from the Camlin. I hope that the lighting fixture was also from the Cloud Room, but I can't really remember what sort ceiling lighting they had up there before it was shut down to become a soulless time share condominium.
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