November 8th, 2006

i am not a stuffed tiger.

for posterity, optimistic map

I didn't even think to hope for the Democrats to gain control of the Senate, but looking at the latest map inspires feelings of extremely cautious optimism. Particularly because Talent and Webb are each ahead by narrow margins in both of those important yellow states. (and, for definite good news, a click on the Governors map shows that Grandholm is trouncing DeVos in Michigan.)

I'm beginning to wish that we'd returned to the Spitfire after leaving the Lovely Feathers + the Slip's show at the Crocodile.
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the new york post

Highlights from last week/end's trip to NYC, aside from the obvious hanging out with friends, riding the subway, sleeping on a fold-out couch in a cutiepants neighborhood.

+ Seeing s whole bunch of shows at CMJ. There are some pictures [flickr] and/or if you like reading about that sort of thing, you can check out some of the things that I hastily posted to

  • Lo Fi Fnk [#]
  • Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, the Fountain, ¡Forward, Russia! [#]
  • Cadence Weapon, Oxford Collapse, the Thermals, MEW, the Grates [#]
  • Ra Ra Riot, Birdmonster, Meat Purveyors [#]

+ little Brooklyn wine bar decorated with 60s era maps that served the best olives ever tasted.

+ Marion's Continental has a birthday song and light show and a really trusting bartender who helps pass out slices of cake

+ Murray Hill at Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction Sansabelt Room. FTM transexual / 50-year-old variety show host + singing + corny jokes + crowd heckling + tassel-pastied feather dancer + dance contest won by a possibly homeless guy who walked in off the street wearing leather pants and a fanny pack = !?!!

+ watching the NYC marathon near a classroom of elementary schoolkids waiting to cheer on their teach and guy who loudly cheered for every French runner who passed
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